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Our expert mechanics service nearly every model of hydraulic hammer and breaker.

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We have all nitrogen charge kits for any kind of hydraulic hammer.

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What kind of grease should I use on my hammer?

Always use a chisel paste with graphite or copper particles and a drop temp of no less than 1,000 degrees. Note that standard lithium greases – blue, red, yellow, green, etc. don’t have the same properties needed to protect the tool bit and bushing.

When should I rebuild my hammer?

#1) If it can’t hold nitrogen #2) If the bushing is worn past manufacture’s specification #3) When it’s leaking.

Will my hammer run on any machine?

Probably not. Here’s why: To work, the machine running the hammer has to be set up properly, and the majority aren’t. If there’s too much pressure or flow, you can ruin the hammer – or the machine won’t run at all.

How I can tell if it’s the hammer or machine that’s not working properly?

It’s important to use a flow meter and pressure gauge to accurately read what the machine is putting out at the end of the stick. Don’t rely on the machine’s computer – it won’t give you an accurate reading.

How do I know that your shop is qualified to work on my hammer?

Our reputation and client list.  We’ve rebuilt hammers for Sunbelt Rentals, H&E Equipment services, RDO Equiptment, Oscar Renda, Yellowhouse, Cisco Equiptment, Lindamood Demolition, Lloyd Nabors Demotion, and many more. We have an open-door policy. You are welcome to come by the shop any time and we’ll walk you through our entire repair process.

How can I get the most life out of my hammer after a rebuild?

Grease is life. Use the proper chisel paste, ensure your machine is set up properly, don’t run it for more than 45 seconds at a time, run it as perpendicular as possible to the surface that you’re breaking, and don’t ever run it around water.

Is there a hammer you won’t work on?

We work on most major brands. However, less common hydraulic hammers in the US marketplace don’t have reputable parts sources. Your hammer is only as good as its parts, so we don’t work hammers that don’t have reliable replacement parts.  We’re just looking out for you.

What do you charge to diagnose my hammer?

Labor rates vary by hammer size, but we typically charge a third of the labor rate to break down the hammer and diagnosis. Please call or email for specific rates.

Where is your shop?

We are located in beautiful Cleburn, Texas just 30 minutes south of Fort Worth. Our shop is in a scenic industrial park just off of Chisholm Trail Parkway with easy truck access.

What is your warranty on repair labor?

Ninety days on workmanship.

What is the best hammer on the market?

While we’re a distribution point for Okada, we like to say that the best hammer is whatever you can use to make money. But seriously, if you have a brand preference we’ll work on it.

Why should I buy your tool bits vs. other brands?

Our tool bits are made in Germany and are core-hardened, which extends the life of the tool bit. They are measured out properly to ensure proper operation and a secure fit. We keep over 1,000 in stock so we can ship from our shop – usually the same day.

Are you open on Saturdays?

Sometimes. While we aren’t open as a rule on Saturday, we do come in from time to time to catch up. If you call ahead and need a part or want to drop off a hammer off on a Saturday, we’ll try to accommodate you.

Are you open on Sundays?


Can I wait while my hammer is being repaired?

Maybe. It depends on the availability of the parts your hammer needs. If you plan ahead, you are more than welcome to wait at our shop or in the area so we can break the hammer down and go over the diagnosis in person. We recommend killing time at the Rockin’ Rooster Western Resale up the road or the Applebee’s nearby. We are particular to the Chicken Fajita Rollup.   

On average, how long should the rebuild process take?

Every hammer situation is unique and customer communication is key in order to move the rebuild process along smoothly. We use OEM parts from manufacturers, so a big portion of the rebuild time is lead-time on parts.  However, our regular turn around time to diagnose and quote is typically three days to one week.  Our focus is on communicating with you and keeping you up-to-date on hammers in progress or waiting for repairs.

Do you accept trade-ins?

Yes, if a hammer is not deemed worthy to rebuild by the customer, we can always offer a trade value for one of our brands.

What is the best way to get my hammer to your facility?

We accept hammers from your designated freight company, or we can use ours. We get very good rates with our shipping companies and can coordinate freight for you by either freight truck or hotshot….depending on the size of the hammer. If you’re using your freight company, just let us know it’s coming.

Can I pet the shop dogs?

Yes. In descending size order their names are Hank, Massey, and Kari.

Hydraulic Breaker Repair Dogs

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept checks, wire transfers, and major credit cards. For returning customers with credit references we can set up a net 30 days account. We do not accept chickens or produce. We might accept pizza if it’s really good pizza.

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